This is a brilliant message of abstraction.
From the elemental to the experimental, an expression of an olfactory hallucination, a magnetic attraction, a sensual tatoo reading pleasure on the skin,
an excitement of the senses, and the vibrant rhythm of life, love and freedom.
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This is brilliant
Is it abstraction ?
Not only a perfume
A chorus of elementals.
Blue tatoo on your skin
Bottle with a message
This perfume was created from an irresistible aldehyde, a hypnotic
call of fantasized pleasure from Bitter Orange. Amber tattooed skin
afire with desire. A mysterious abyss of Patchouli emotion.

For him and for her

Top Note: hypnotic aldehyde, electric orange
Heart Note: metallic geranium, polar honey
Base Note: magnetic amber, ethereal musk, attractive patchouli
Says Histoires de Parfums creator, Gerald Ghislain, on his latest fragrant release:

"I have always felt that there is no rhyme or reason how scent makes us feel. It’s a magnetic and primal sense. I made Histoires 15 years ago as a concept brand to tell the stories of exceptional individuals. I made This is Not a Blue Bottle as a pre-concept, something that is only emerging, whose story does not exist until it is on the skin."
For its latest publication, Histoires de Parfums is releasing a blue page representing freedom
of expression for all. This time Histoires de Parfums is not telling a novel, nor citing a tale or poem.

This blue page is yours to write as no one else can do it for you. It’s up to you to be the author of your story.